UO-Friends is closed.

Dear Friends,

As announced in our Discord channel, UO-Friends has recently been closed due to technical difficulties. We are really sorry about this and we all think UO-Friends was a wonderful shard.

That's why we have decided to continue the adventure by building a new shard "UO Union". Same team, same spirit and hopefully same players.

UO Union is built a newer code and on a dedicated server, which will solve our past issues. PVM oriented, some features are still in, some aren't anymore.

Get more information on the new website : http://www.uounion.com/

We all hope you will enjoy the new shard.

-The UO-Friends/UO Union staff team-


Content up to Time of Legends, discover UO-Friends, a family Ultima Online Server where you can find nice custom content : a training area, a quest room, easy travel thanks to a customized moongate system, friendly and helpful staff and much much more to discover.
Connect with us using IP : play.uo-friends.com and Port : 2593.

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